Manager’s Messages

Summer is here!

Summer is a great time to get those home improvement projects done. Please take a look at the exterior of your home and consider completing any maintenance needed. Some of the homes in the community can use a fresh coat of paint. Please remember to complete an architectural application for approval prior to making any changes. The architectural application can be found by logging in to your account.

Architectural Changes

With the summer weather approaching, many homeowners will take advantage of the good weather to improve the exterior of the home.

Please be reminded, exterior changes require approval from the association. Please complete an architectural application and submit for approval prior to making any changes. Log in at to obtain an architectural application form.

Community Projects

Upcoming projects include tree trimming, pool deck maintenance, and replacement of the security cameras at the pool area. Dates for the tree trimming will be sent to the community via email once scheduled.

The renovation of the monument area has been completed and looks great!

Go paperless

Did you know that you can save the community money? By signing up to have documents e-mailed instead of mailed, you will save the association the cost of printing, paper and postage. Sign up for electronic mail by logging in at

Happy New Year!

Happy new year. At this time we ask that all holiday decorations be removed. The Rules and Regulations require removal by January 15th.


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