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Painting your home

It has come to out attention that many homes in the community are in need of painting. If you receive a letter asking you to paint your home, please remember the following.

  1. You must notify the association that you will be painting the home by submitting an Architectural Application if you would like to change the paint colors or the ARC Information Only form if you will be using the same colors.
  2. If you chose to change your paint colors, you must seek approval by submitting the Architectural Application and the colors must be from the approved colors schemes. You can find the approved colors and the application by logging into the resident portal.
  3. You may need to prepare your home for painting by either power washing, using primer, and or replacing rotting wood.

Exterior of the homes

It has come to the association’s attention that there are several homes in need of painting. Please take a moment to review the exterior of your home. If it needs to be maintained or painted, please make arrangements to bring the home up to community standards. If you will be making any exterior modifications, please log in and obtain an architectural application that should be submitted for approval. If you are painting the home, please submit an architectural application or if you are keeping the same colors, submit the information only form. Please note if you are changing your paint colors, you must use colors from the approved paint schemes, which can be found online at


We have received a lot of rain this season. Be sure to turn off your sprinklers to avoid over watering.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As a reminder, holiday decorations are required to be removed by January 15th. If you have not removed your decorations, we ask that you do so at this time.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes for a happy and joyful holiday season.


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