Manager’s Messages

Please Return Your Ballot

The ballots for the annual election for the Board of Directors will be mailed out by August 27, 2021. Please return your ballot so that quorum can be established. The community has not be able to reach quorum for the last few years. When this happens the community incurs additional cost by having to hold additional meetings and or seeking advice from legal counsel.

PLEASE, help your community by returning your ballot by the due date which is September 27, 2021.

Maintenance Reminder

Please remember to maintain your home on a regular basis. The most frequently overlooked items are the front landscape and fences or gates.

Please keep the front landscape free from weeds and bare dirt. If the lawn starts to turn brown, check your irrigation.

Wood fences and gates generally need painting every two years. Take a moment to inspect your fencing and gates.

Should you wish to make a change, please submit an architectural application for approval.

Planning on making a change?

Please be reminded, that architectural approval is required prior to making any exterior changes. This includes but is not limited to painting, changing landscape or windows.

You can find the architectural application online at under the documents folder.

Pet Reminders

Please be sure that you dog is on a leash when in the common areas. Please also pick up after your pets to help keep the association a pleasant place to live.

Happy New Year

We hope you had a great holiday season!

Please be reminded that holiday decorations are required to be removed by January 31, 2021.



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